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About Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

About Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

Located at Senapati Bapat Road, Pune. Sixteen By Nine Media Centre (SBNMC) is a professional institute dedicated to the craft of film editing. Our mission is to develop professional film editing courses and deliver them through an engaging, practical learning-oriented curriculum that helps our students understand the technical, practical, and aesthetical aspects involved in film editing.

Our 6-week film editing course is targeted at working professionals and students who are interested in the craft of film making, and in expressing their ideas and creativity by creating their own content.

Engagement is what we believe in and we focus on ideating, holding interactive sessions, group discussions, conducting field work, and practical exercises to encourage. Support and train all our students to become professional content creators and help them showcase their work on various media platforms.

The Tangible Skills Acquired By A Student At The End Of The Course Include

Students will work on challenging projects including a documentary film, a short fiction film, a film trailer and a commercial ad film. You will learn to edit interviews, narrative sequences, Musical scenes and credit titles. Students are also trained in advanced skills like Colour Correction & Key framing. Hands-on learning helps you explore how to apply age-old established principles of film editing using today's digital technology.

The Tangible Skills Acquired By A Student At The End Of The Course Include.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the development process for creating audio-visual content.
  • Understanding of whole process & workflow of Filmmaking - right from idea & concept creation. Script writing, writing a screenplay. creating a shot division, making a floor plan, production, and post-production.
  • Knowledge of professional Non-linear Editing Software (FCP X. Adobe Premiere Pro CC) to create professional films.
  • Use a video camera to capture professional-quality video.
  • Knowledge of sound editing to add and edit audio.
  • Develop understanding of workflow. and efficiency in using equipment and software used in the field of video/film editing.
  • Recognize opportunities as well as understand economic and artistic constraints of the different branches in this profession in order for you to be able to work effectively and efficiently as an employee or a self-employed professional.
The Tangible Skills Acquired By A Student At The End Of The Course Include
Video Editing Course Structure

Video Editing Course Structure

Intensive training for Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, the latest non-linear editing software used in film industry. You will learn to edit interviews, narrative sequences, musical scenes and credit titles.


  1. What is editing and how it creates a film?
  2. The Cutting Edge - Documentary film on Editing.
  3. Iconic Edited scenes.
  4. Editing on Paper (Exercise)


  1. Codec’s & Containers
  2. File structure in Editing Software
  3. Progressive and Interlaced scanning.
  4. Frame Rates and Fields.
  5. Exporting essentials.


  1. Writing and shooting a 12 shot exercise film
  2. Arranging the shots, trimming and finalizing on timeline.


  1. Organizing and selecting shots
  2. Editing and refining.
  3. Working with multiple tracks.
  4. Adding music and adjusting audio.
  5. Working with effects, transitions.
  6. Understanding Key Framing.


  1. Playing. Navigating. Marking the footage.
  2. Making first cut: using insert & append edits, using overwrite & replace edits.
  3. Changing shot content and position.
  4. Connecting clips to primary storyline.
  5. Going deeper into timeline navigation.
  6. Adjusting audio levels and channels configuration.
  7. Creating Titles.

Students will work on 4 (Four) challenging projects including a documentary film, a short fiction film, a movie trailer and a commercial ad film. This will build up their profile of a professional Editor.


  1. Concept & Treatment Note
  2. Aesthetics of film editing
  3. Techniques of non-linear editing.


  1. Paper Edit
  2. Navigating and organizing footage.
  3. Performing Video only & Audio only edits.
  4. Trimming clips: Using the Ripple tool to extend edits.
  5. Removing and adding material to build the story.
  6. Recording audio.
  7. Using Colour Correction templates.


  • Editing a Feature film trailer.
  • Editing a Commercial Ad film.

Why Choose Sixteen By Nine Media Centre?

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Why choose to learn Video Editing at Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

  • 1 Industry oriented course covering wide ranging aesthetical, operational and technical aspects of non linear editing.
  • 2 Exhaustive training in professional industry leading non linear editing systems (Final Cut PRO X and Adobe Premiere CC).
  • Recognised facilitators and resource persons trained from the Film & Television Institute of India IF T.I.I.). Pune.
  • Training in Film Direction as every film editor Is required to have an understanding of structure. rhythm. pacing and tone involved in the making of a film.
  • 100% placement assistance in Production Houses. Channels. NGOs and Corporate Organisations in Mumbai and Pune.
  • An ideal and convenient location In the heart of Pune city.
  • Affordable fees structure.
Why Choose Sixteen By Nine Media Centre?

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