What is medical coding?

What is medical coding

Medical coding is the process of transforming medical records into universal alphanumeric codes. The records can be in the form of transcriptions from doctor’s notes, lab reports, radiological results.

The process of medical coding involves abstracting the correct information from medical records, finding the matching codes for the scenario and creating a claim to be submitted to insurance company.

Who can become a Medical coder?

While having a bachelor’s or Master’s degree is a plus, it is not a requirement to become a medical coder. Strong understanding of Human Anatomy, physiology and medical terminology is the basis of being a successful coder. To start a career as a Medical coder, first you will need to join Medical coding training courses.

What will you learn during medical coding training courses?

You will be learning about ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS codes, how to maneuver through the books, about coding conventions and iconography, anatomy of different human body systems, modifiers and when to use them. Various tests and assignments provided through the course help in course success.

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