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About Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

About Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

Located at Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, Sixteen By Nine Media Centre is recognised as Authorised Learning Centre by the Mahrashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) for the delivery of training in Media & Entertainment Courses. Our mission is to develop and deliver internationally recognised professional training courses, and academic programmes to equip aspiring and professional Media & Entertainment professionals with the skills and competencies required to meet the Film & Video industry’s present and future creative and technical challenges. Moreover, the Sixteen By Nine Media Centre conducts and facilitates research, engages with media organisations at policy level and provides a forum for analysis in order to actively contribute to enhancing technical capacities for pre-production, production and post-production.

Sixteen By Nine Media Centre is offering a comprehensive One Month Course for aspiring and professional actors. This acting course is based on the program developed by the renowned acting guru, late Mr. Sanford Meisner, at the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theater, New York. Furthermore, this course is designed keeping in mind the current trends and requirements of the Indian film industry.

Sixteen By Nine Media Centre believes in an integrated and multidimensional approach to training, recognising the increasing and expansive requirements of modern media operations which rely on the combined expertise of Film, Television and Online mediums.

The Tangible Skills Acquired By A Student At The End Of The Course Include

Today's digital and television landscape has created a massive need for actors. As a passout, you will be fully equipped to move up the ladder quickly, and work on professional Television Programs, Web Films and Feature Films.

Students will work on challenging exercises including monologue, imagination, improvisation, sense memory, body movement, voice culture and more. You will learn to perform in-front of camera without thinking or looking at it. Hands-on learning helps you explore how to apply age-old established principles of acting with highly qualified faculty.

The tangible skills acquired by a student at the end of the course include:

  • Demonstrate understanding of building a character.
  • Use communicative methods from artistic considerations in order for you to be able to communicate a message.
  • Perform seamlessly in-front of a film/video camera.
  • Knowledge of professional methods like importance of imagination, sense memory, emotional memory in the craft of Acting.
  • Recognize opportunities as well as understand economic and artistic constraints of the different branches in this profession in order for you to be able to work effectively and efficiently as an actor.
The Tangible Skills Acquired By A Student At The End Of The Course Include
Film Acting Course Structure

Film Acting Course Structure

Acting in film and video is about, in large part, reacting and listening. And beyond all that, it is all about psychology. In this One-Month course, you will learn the art and craft of acting from the professional experience of faculty Mr. Siddhartha Shasta. The course explores techniques that can be applied in a range of mediums like Film, TV, Commercial Ads, Web, etc. However, the main focus of this course is not just on developing acting skills but also on exploring the magic behind emotional manipulation.

The process continues with chopping and changing of exercises and scenes to suit the time, keeping in mind that the universality of emotions and feeling remains the same, it doesn’t change with time. The course content includes several acting exercises, movement and voice, diction, speech. The course also includes making of portfolios and regular shooting of acting exercises on camera which are used for analytical proposes as well as serve as show-reels of students for presentation to producers.

Course Structure:

Introduction to Film Acting.

      • Best performances.
      • Different Methods of Acting.
      • Difference between Film & Theatre Acting.


      • Object.
      • Animals.
      • Inanimate
      • Importance of Events.

Sense Memory.

      • Emotional Memory.
      • Familiar/Unfamiliar Memory.

How to make a character.

    • Improvisations.
    • Monologues.
    • Scene Work.
    • Character Study.
Exploring Voice Culture.

  • Resonator.
  • Pitch.
  • Volume.

Movement Exercise.

  • Getting to the flow of character.
  • Understanding your strength/weaknesses
  • Opening of Emotional Consciousness.

Camera Exercise.

  • Understanding the Profiles.
  • How to get friendly with the camera.
  • Importance of different perspective & Shots.


  • How to approach a Song.
  • Performing while singing.

Spot Memory

  • Trials to break the audition.
  • Difference between Ads, Serials, and Film Auditions.

Innovative curriculum

Sixteen By Nine Media Centre’s Film Acting Course, which is a highly specialised training program, has been developed in consultation with editors working at the very highest level of film & television editing. Through this approach, we have ensured that our course structure is in tandem with industry requirements.

The acting course is based on the program developed by the renowned acting guru, late Mr.Stanford Meisner at the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theater, New York.

Intensive training

The Course goes way beyond basic acting theory. Over 4 weeks, 10hrs  a week, students will learn hundreds of structural, conceptual and creative techniques used in film acting. The course provides you with professional-level theory, assignments to practice on and a guided tour through the creative & technical acting process.

Student-centred approach

The course enables active learning, in which students solve problems, answer questions, formulate questions of their own, discuss, explain, debate, or brainstorm during classes. Students will also use the cooperative learning mode, in which they will work in teams on problems and exercises under conditions that assure both positive interdependence and individual accountability; and inductive teaching and learning, in which students are first presented with challenges (questions or problems) and learn the course material in the context of addressing the challenges

Increasing value and effectiveness

The greatest way to maximise your employability as a professional actor is to master as many techniques, concepts and genres as possible. Sixteen By Nine Media Centre trainees have access to Sixteen By Nine Media Production’s productions and projects. Nowhere else within the industry can provide you with this important learning facility.

Pay only for what you learn

At Sixteen By Nine Media Center, our sole objective is to impart quality training and education to our students. For this, we have invested in the right technology, equipment, and resource persons. Through this approach, we provide a course which is student-centred, learning-centered, and excellence-centered at an affordable cost. Students who enroll in our courses will only pay for quality education and training which will be provided by professional resource persons, taught on up-to-date equipment and technology platforms.

Why Choose Sixteen By Nine Media Centre?

Why Choose Sixteen By Nine Media Centre?

Gourav Ghosh - Acting Trainer in Pune

Why choose to learn Film Acting at Sixteen By Nine Media Centre

  • Industry-oriented course covering wide ranging aesthetical, operational and technical aspects of Film Acting.
  • Exhaustive training in professional industry-leading methods of Acting.
  • Recognised facilitators and resource persons trained from Film & Television Institute of India (F.T.I.I.), Pune.
  • Structured and focused approach to training in acting using the Stanis Lavaski & Meisner Technique to help you gain an artistic understanding of your craft, excel in your work, and provide outstanding performances for many types of roles.
  • At the end of the course we will create your artistic portfolio, which you can use to get future work.
  • We will create an exclusive video show reel of your work, a service which is not offered by other acting courses.
  • Affordable fees structure and a convenient location at the heart of Pune city.

Corporate & Customized Training Programs in Film Acting

6 Weeks Film Acting Course, FTII Syllabus, 3 Projects Shoots, Placement Assistance

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