As I have mentioned before in my blog Medical Coding is  the process of transforming medical records into universal alphanumeric codes. The records can be in the form of transcriptions from doctor’s notes, lab reports, radiology results.

The process of medical coding involves abstracting the correct information from medical records, finding the matching codes for the scenario and creating a claim to be submitted to insurance company.

Medical Coding after Pharmacy:

Knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and medical terminology is crucial in completing Medical Coding course successfully. The syllabus of Pharmacy includes the study of Anatomy and Physiology along with Pathophysiology, making it advantageous to the Pharmacy graduates to finish the Medical Coding course successfully and with relative ease. When you have a sound understanding of basics of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology, the deciphering of case scenarios and pinpointing of the terms to look into coding books comes easily. That’s more than half the battle won when it comes to Medical Coding.

Medical Coding scenario in India:

Medical coding and billing profession is highly recognized as one of the exciting career opportunity with a unique set of job duties for the medical and paramedical, pharmacy students across the globe.

Maintaining the electronic health record of patients, so that they get paid off seamlessly by the insurance company is increasingly becoming a critical component of the healthcare industry. With the recent transition of medical coding process from ICD 9 to ICD 10 and the growth of Insurance sector in India; the healthcare industry is always in need of professional coders who are well trained and knowledgeable.

India has the second largest pool of medical coders after the US with an estimated 15,000-16,000 coders. The US is believed to have over 2,50,000 coders. Although a far second, India exhibits great potential. There are many companies that offer jobs in Medical Coding and Billing industry like Omega Healthcare, Gebbs, 3 Gen, Cognizant, Ajuba solutions etc. A Professional Medical Coder with in depth knowledge of his/her field is likely to have great career graph in India as well as abroad.

So if you have the passion for Anatomy, Physiology and want to start a great career right after receiving your degree in Pharmacy or any other science field for that matter, Medical Coding is a promising option that can get you on a great career path with potential for huge success.

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